Ref: K037

Ladychapel Cemetery

Townland: Cowanstown Parish: Maynooth
Denomination: RC Diocese: Dublin (RC) 
Grid Ref: 289762(E), 234012(N) Status: Open
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): Ref. B10-06 Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD010-013002 - graveyard
Boundary Treatment: Stone wall with 'soldier' coping.
Natural Heritage Details: Mature ewe and pine trees; overgrown along the S boundary wall; lichen on walls and headstones.
Description: Located amongst pasture fields, the graveyard is surrounded by a stone boundary wall. The remains of a late medieval church and holy well are also located on site. There is a concrete path leading to just inside the graveyard gate. The headstones date from the 18th-20th century, several of the earlier headstones are leaning. The church and grounds were restored in 1989 (FAS).
Appraisal: The site is of considerable archaeological, architectural and historic interest, attesting to the long-standing ecclesiastical presence in the area Upstanding remains of the original medieval church and holy well survive. Earliest identifiable headstones date to the 18th century. Features of note are well made stone boundary wall with 'soldier' coping and cut stone steps leading into the graveyard. Site well maintained.
Record Of Inscriptions: Recorded by: Martin J Kelly
Location: Co. Kildare Online Electronic History Journal (to be published)

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