Ref: K038


Townland: Taghadoe Parish: Maynooth
Denomination: RC Diocese: Dublin (RC) 
Grid Ref: 292404(E), 234540(N) Status: Closed
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): Ref. B10-03 (church and graveyard), B10-01 (round tower) B10-01 (round tower) Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD010-014003 - graveyard National Monument-Ref. 70 and 578
Boundary Treatment: Stone wall; fencing and hedgerow.
Natural Heritage Details: Several young maple trees; mown grass; lichen on walls and headstones; ivy on some of the walls and fencing.
Description: Located in pastureland the graveyard, church and round tower are all National Monuments (National Monuments Act 19302-2004). The site is in the care of the OPW and is well maintained. There 13 headstones surviving within the graveyard and date from the 17th-18th centuries. The majority are upright and leaning, there are several recumbent. The ground is rough and undulating which is indicative of further burials. There is a gravel path from the road up to the graveyard. The ruined church measures about 20m by 12m and has small turrets in each corner.
Appraisal: The site is of considerable archaeological, architectural and historic interest, attesting to the long-standing ecclesiastical presence in the area. The site is of pre-Norman origin and has several features that demonstrate the original importance of the site such as a stone church, round tower and enclosure all of which survive. The site is rated as a national monument. The church has several interesting features such as the attached turrets located at the corners of the church. The site is well maintained.
Record Of Inscriptions: Recorded by: Martin J kelly
Location: Co. Kildare Online Electronic History Journal (to be published)

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