Ref: K063

Tully Graveyard

Townland: Tully East Parish: Kildare and Rathangan (Tully)
Denomination: RC Diocese: Kildare and Leighlin (RC) 
Grid Ref: 273385(E), 211059(N) Status: Closed
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): No Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD022-034001 - graveyard
Boundary Treatment: Rough coursed stone wall with soldier coping, 1.5-2m high approx.
Natural Heritage Details: 10-15 mature and 5-10 young trees dispersed throughout; hedgerows represent the northern and NE boundaries; full coverage by mown grass; lichens visible on 95% of gravestones; ivy on church ruin and boundary walls.
Description: K063 is located in a rural setting in the grounds of the Japanese gardens and National Stud. The associated church ruin in marked as such on both the 1st edition OS 6" map and the 1897-1913 OS 25" map, but only the latter specifically mentions a graveyard. The graveyard is just inside the gate of the National Stud. There is a gate in the middle of the western boundary of the enclosure with adjacent stone steps. The large ruined church (30x7m approx.) occupies the centre of the enclosure. There is an upstanding square tower in the middle of the church. There are no paths within the enclosure and the ground surface is quite uneven. This is exacerbated by the fact that the grass is not a consistent length. Table tombs and slabs account for approx. 5% of all grave markers. Legible gravestones date from 19th and 20th century. There are 19th and 20th century gravestones within the church ruins, but not within the tower.
Appraisal: The site is of considerable archaeological, architectural and historic interest, attesting to the long-standing ecclesiastical presence in the area. The graveyard is enclosed by a stone wall with a gate and stile in the west wall. The structural remains are of a nave and chancel with a tower at the crossing. Only the base of the west gable and postions of the east gable survive. It is partially covered in ivy. Features of note are the many windows and entrances within the structure. Also of note are the reuse of chamfered window jambs as gravemarkers. The preceptory of the Knights Hospitallers, was one of three in Kildare dated to the early 14th century. Some of the headstones are leaning or have fallen over while other have evidence of repair or have been moved from their original position. The grounds are maintained.
Record Of Inscriptions: Recorded by: "The Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead, in Ireland"

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