Ref: K090


Townland: Ballintine Parish: Robertstown (Kilmeage)
Denomination: RC Diocese: Kildare and Leighlin (RC) 
Grid Ref: 276259(E), 223282(N) Status: Open
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): B18-03 Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD018-001002 - graveyard
Boundary Treatment: Rough coursed stone wall with soldier coping, 1.5m high approx.
Natural Heritage Details: 5 mature and 10-15 young trees close to or lining boundaries; full coverage by mown grass; lichens visible of955 of gravestones; very limited ivy growth on boundary walls.
Description: K090 is located on top of a hill in a rural setting. It is marked on both the 1st edition OS 6" map and the 1897-1913 OS 25" map as is the site of an associated church. The site is accessed directly from a local road via a (locked) gate in the middle of the northern boundary wall with a pedestrian gate just to the east and stone steps leading up and over the wall to the west. There is another gate from an adjoining field at the east end of the south side and also in the middle of the western boundary. This gate is presumably not used as there is a large ditch just outside it. The ground surface within the enclosure is higher than the surrounding area. There are no paths within the enclosure, but the ground surface is quite even and the grass is short. The surface of the western side of the enclosure is a little more uneven and the grass is slightly longer. There remains of a possible structure stand just SW of centre. It only survives in plan to a height of 20cm approx. It may not be a structure at all, but a decorative feature (though a church is marked on the aforementioned historic maps). The interior of the possible structure is gravelled. It contains two benches and gravestones dating from 19th and 20th century. Many gravestones, especially in the east of the enclosure are virtually identical taking the form of a small, simple and, in some cases, uninscribed cross. Most marked graves date from 19th and 20th century.
Appraisal: The site is of archaeological and historic interest. No trace survives of the church save for a grass covered mound in the centre of the site. Features of note are the uninscribed low stone crosses in the E part of the graveyard.

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