Ref: K092

Killart Church

Townland: Oldcourt (Bert ED) Parish: Kilbert
Denomination: RC Diocese: Kildare and Leighlin (RC) 
Grid Ref: 268285(E), 198939(N) Status: Closed
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): B31-02 Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD031-020002
Boundary Treatment: Modern field boundary only
Natural Heritage Details: 1-5 mature trees located on the site of the ruined church; the area is otherwise fully covered by semi-natural grassland.
Description: K092 is located on the edge of woodland surrounding a bog. It is not specifically mentioned on either the 1st edition OS 6" map or the 1897-1913 OS25" map, but Killart church (in ruins) is marked on both. No definite remains of the graveyard were visible, but a low mound with a possible low bank to the south represent the remains of the church. No walls are visible, but the mound has a lot of stone on top, some of it cut. The field is now used to graze cattle.
Appraisal: The site is of archaeological interest as there are no surface remains of either the church or graveyard surviving above ground. The site was levelled towards the end of the 19th century.

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