Ref: K098

Killadoon Graveyard

Townland: Killadoon Parish: Killadoon
Denomination: Mixed Diocese: Dublin (RC) / Dublin & Glendalough (C of I)
Grid Ref: 295920(E), 231387(N) Status: Closed
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): No Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD011-006002- Graveyard
Boundary Treatment: Low retaining rubble stone wall on at least the north-west side and bordering the farmhouse walls on the south-west and south-east sides, which are approximately 2m high. There is no visible coping as it is overgrown. There is a ditch along the south-east wall.
Natural Heritage Details: Trees/vegetation throughout disturbing eventual structure, headstones and tombs. There are also post-medieval stone lined drains criss-crossing throughout the graveyard.
Description: Rural, beside the farmhouse. One upright headstone can be seen, without inscription, the others are all leaning and one is broken. According to the owner there should be another couple, but they cannot be seen anymore. One is from the 18th century, but the owner says it was disused when the house was built in the 1760s. Undulating ground surface with bumps. It is higher within the graveyard than the ground around. The owner has a 1736 map. The church is also outlined on the 6" First Edition map from 1837, but not on the 25" Second Edition from 1897-1913, where the burial ground is marked as disused.
Appraisal: The site is of archaeological and historic interest. Features of note are the boundary wall of coursed limestone. There are several headstones from the 18th century of artistic interest. The graveyard is not maintained.

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