Ref: K102

Kilpatrick Graveyard

Townland: Kilpatrick (Kilpatrick ED) Parish:
Denomination: RC Diocese: Kildare and Leighlin (RC) 
Grid Ref: 271207(E), 229653(N) Status: Open
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): No Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): KD012-001
Boundary Treatment: Barbed wire fence on north, south and east sides; rubble stone wall on west side, 1m high approx.
Natural Heritage Details: 1 pine tree inside the gate; hedgerows are located outside the boundaries; 80-905 coverage by semi-natural grassland; lichens visible on 80-90% of headstones and walls.
Description: The site is located in a rural setting. It is marked on both the 1st edition OS 6" map and the 1897-1913 OS 25" map. The site can only be reached by travelling cross country. The enclosure itself is accessed via a gate on the west side. There are no paths within the enclosure. The site is in undulating countryside and there is a general slope upwards to the SE corner within the enclosure. There are no structures within the enclosure. Legible gravestones date from 18th -20th century.
Appraisal: The site is of archaeological and historic interest. No trace of any structures survive but the graveyard is enclosed by a stone wall with a gate in the east wall. The graveyard contains various cut-stone grave markers from the 18th-20th centuries, which are of artistic and historic interest. A number of the headstones are leaning and the majority are weathered and overgron but only a few are broken. The grounds are maintained.
Record Of Inscriptions: Recorded by: Thomas and Phil Doyle
Location: County Archive, Newbridge

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