Ref: K170


Townland: Kilkea Parish: Castledermot
Denomination: C of I Diocese: Meath & Kildare (C of I)
Grid Ref: 274462(E), 189063(N) Status: Open
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): B37-03 (church and graveyard monuments) Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): No
Boundary Treatment: Stone wall (along the roadside); fencing and young planting on other sides.
Natural Heritage Details: Mature sycamore trees adjacent to the burial ground.
Description: The burial ground is privately owned and is reserved for members of the Greene family. The burial ground is very recent. Mass is given every two weeks in the chapel.
Appraisal: A late 20th century graveyard which contains various cut-stone grave markers of marble. This graveyard is of some social and historical importance in the locality.
Record Of Inscriptions: Recorded by: Schools Project (1970s)
Location: Co. Kildare Online Electronic History Journal

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