Ref: K205

St. David's

Townland: Naas East Parish: Naas
Denomination: C of I Diocese: Meath & Kildare (C of I)
Grid Ref: 289386(E), 219423(N) Status: Closed
Record of Protected Structures (RPS): No Record of Monuments and Places (RMP): No
Boundary Treatment: Rough coursed stone wall, 2-3m high.
Natural Heritage Details: 10-20 mature and 10-20 young trees dispersed throughout the enclosure; mown grass covering 60% approx. of site; lichens visible on 100% of gravestones; limited ivy cover on boundary walls and gate tower.
Description: The site is located on the east side of the R445 in the town of Naas. St. David's church is marked on both the 1st edition OS 6" map and the 1897-1913 OS 25" map, but the graveyard is not specifically mentioned. It is accessed via a gravel driveway directly from the R445. The gravel path leads to and around the church which occupies the centre of the enclosure. The church is attached to the NE side of an earlier gate tower. The gate tower abuts the SW boundary and the gravel path leads directly through it. A gravel carpark is located in the north of the enclosure. The ground surface is relatively even and easy to walk on, but it is generally higher on the E and SE sides of the church. Most of the burials are located in this area, but there is a small number immediately NW of the church. Table tombs and slabs together account for at least 50% of grave markers. Legible gravestones date mostly from 19th century, but many worn examples are probably older.
Appraisal: A 19th century graveyard which contains various cut-stone grave markers of marble, limestone and polished granite. The styles are kerbed, obelisk, table, railed and rectangular shaped headstones. This graveyard is of social and historical importance in the locality.
Record Of Inscriptions: Recorded by: Brian McCabe
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