Graveyards Listed by RMP Number

(RMP = Record of Monuments and Places)

KD002-004 - burial ground Brackagh Burial Ground Brackagh Balyna (Carrick) RC
KD002-010003 - graveyard Carrick Church Carrick Ballyna (Carrick) RC
KD003-001002 - graveyard Kilrathmurry Graveyard Kilrathmurry Balyna (Kilrathmurry) RC
KD003-002003 - graveyard Kilrainy Burial Ground Kilrainy Ballyna (Kilrainy) RC
KD003-006 - children's burial ground Balrinnet Balrinnet Ballyna RC
KD003-008002 - graveyard Nurney Graveyard Nurney Carbury & Dunforth (Nurney) RC
KD003-011001 - graveyard Mylerstown Church Mylerstown Carbury and Dunforth (Mylerstown) RC
KD003-014002- Graveyard Cadamstown Graveyard Cadamstown Cadamstown Mixed
KD003-015001 - children's burial ground Cadamstown Children's Burial Ground Cadamstown Balyna RC
KD003-016002- Burial Ground possible Cadamstown Base of Cross Clonagh Cadamstown RC
KD003-019002 - graveyard Ballynadrumny Church Ballynadrumny Ballyna (Ballynadrumny) RC
KD003-020001- Graveyard Clonagh Graveyard Clonagh Cadamstown RC
KD004-005002 - graveyard Dunfierth Church Dunfierth Carbury (Dunfierth) RC
KD004-018003 - graveyard Hortland Graveyard Hortland Kilcock (Scullogestown) RC
KD004-021010 - graveyard Cloncurry Church Cloncurry Ballyna (Cloncurry) RC
KD004-026003 - graveyard Grange Cemetery Grange Kilcock RC
KD004-026007 - children's burial ground Grange Grange Kilcock RC
KD004-031003 - graveyard Killeighter Killeighter Kilcock RC
KD004-031006 - children's burial ground Killeighter Killeighter Kilcock RC
KD005-002002- Graveyard Church Lane Graveyard Kilcock Kilcock Mixed
KD005-002004- Children's Burial Ground possible Church Lane Graveyard Kilcock Kilkcock Mixed
KD005-009003- Graveyard Laraghbryan Cemetery Laraghbryan East Maynooth RC
KD006-00302-- Graveyard Confey Church Confey Maynooth RC
KD006-005004- Graveyard Donaghmore Church and Graveyard Donaghmore Donaghmore RC
KD006-007002- Graveyard Oldcarton Graveyard Oldcarton Laraghbryan Mixed
KD008-001006 - graveyard Carbury Church Carbury Carbury & Dunforth (Carbury) RC
KD008-006002 - graveyard Templedooath Burial Ground Carbury Carbury & Dunforth (Carbury) RC
KD008-009002 - graveyard Ardkill Ardkill Carbury & Dunforth (Ardkill) RC
KD009-006 Timahoe Children's Burial Ground Timahoe West Robertstown (Timahoe) RC
KD009-008002 Timahoe Graveyard Timahoe East Robertstown (Timahoe) RC
KD009-011002- Graveyard Dunmurraghill Dunmurraghill Dunmurraghill Mixed
KD009-011003- Children's Burial Ground possible Dunmurraghill Dunmurraghill Dunmurraghill Mixed
KD010-009002 - graveyard Clonshanbo Clonshanbo Kilcock (Clonshanbo) RC
KD010-012002 - graveyard Balraheen Church Barreen Balraheen RC
KD010-013002 - graveyard Ladychapel Cemetery Cowanstown Maynooth RC
KD010-014003 - graveyard National Monument-Ref. 70 and 578 Taghadoe Taghadoe Maynooth RC
KD011-002004- Graveyard possible Kilmacredock Upper Church Kilmacredock Upper Kilmacredock Mixed
KD011-004007- Graveyard St. Mary's Church Leixlip Leixlip C of I
KD011-006002- Graveyard Killadoon Graveyard Killadoon Killadoon Mixed
KD011-012006- Graveyard Tea Lane Graveyard Oakleypark Kildrought Mixed
KD011-013002- Graveyard Donaghcumper Cemetery Donaghcumper Donaghcumper RC
KD011-015003 St. Patrick's Chapel Ardrass Lower Celbridge (Killadoon) RC
KD011-021002- Graveyard Stacumny Graveyard Stacumny Stacumny Mixed
KD012-001 Kilpatrick Graveyard Kilpatrick (Kilpatrick ED) RC
KD012-006005- Graveyard Lullymore Graveyard Lullymore East Lullymore RC
KD012-012002 - graveyard Ticknevin Ticknevin Clonbulloge (Kilpatrick) RC
KD013-005003 Ballynafagh Ballynafagh Clane (Ballynafagh) RC
KD013-008003 Downings Graveyard Downings North Carragh (Downings) RC
KD013-019003 Killybegs Demesne Killybegs Demense Carragh (Killybegs) RC
KD013-023002 St. Patrick's Donore Carragh (Carragh) RC
KD014-006002- Graveyard Mainham Cemetery Mainham Mainham Mixed Only Greek Orthodox in the country
KD014-013002- Graveyard Straffan Straffan Straffan Mixed
KD014-016002- Graveyard Castledillon Upper Graveyard Castledillon Upper Castledillon Mixed
KD014-022004 - graveyard Whitechurch Whitechurch Kill (Whitechurch) RC
KD014-026011 Clane Clane Clane C of I
KD014-026012 Clane Abbey Church Graveyard Abbeyland (Clane ED) Clane RC
KD014-041002-graveyard Bodenstown Bodenstown Bodenstown RC
KD014-042003 Sherlockstown Sherlockstown Naas RC
KD015-003002 - graveyard Clonaghlis Clonaghlis Celbridge (Clonaghlis) RC
KD015-004002- Graveyard Lyons Lyons Lyons RC
KD015-007004 National Monument-Ref. 190 Oughterard Cemetery Oughterard Oughterard Mixed
KD017-007003 Cappanargid Cappanargid Cloncurry RC
KD017-008002 Cloncurry Graveyard Cloncurry (Offaly East By., Cloncurry ED) Cloncurry RC
KD017-009005 Feighcullen Feighcullen Feighcullen C of I
KD017-022 Kiltaghan South Kiltaghan South, Mountprospect Rathangan RC
KD018-001002 - graveyard Crosspatrick Ballintine Robertstown (Kilmeage) RC
KD018-006003 Rathernan Rathernan Robertstown (Rathernan) RC
KD018-011002 Carragh Carragh Carragh Mixed
KD018-018002 Baronstown West Baronstown West Allen and Milltown (Rathernan) RC
KD018-019003 Barrettstown Barrettstown Oldconnell RC
KD019-002002 Bride's Graveyard Waterstown Brideschurch RC
KD019-006003 Kerdiffstown Kerdiffstown Kerdiffstown RC
KD019-014002 Palmerstown Palmerstown RC
KD019-021 Maudlins Maudlings Naas C of I
KD019-024002 Forenaghts Great Forenaghts Great Naas (Forenaghts) RC
KD019-026002- Graveyard Haynestown Burial Ground Haynestown Haynestown RC
KD019-030021 Abbey graveyard Naas West Naas RC
KD019-03022 Naas West Naas West Naas (Naas) RC
KD019-039002 Tipper Graveyard Tipper South Tipper RC
KD019-061 Osberstown Osberstown Naas RC
KD020-007010 - graveyard National Monument-Ref. 275 Kilteel Kilteel Upper Kilteel RC
KD020-009006 St Colmcille's Rathmore Rathmore West Rathmore C of I
KD021-001003- Graveyard Yew Tree Graveyard Clogheen Lackagh RC
KD022-003001 Dunmurry Graveyard Dunmurry East Kildare and Rathangan (Dunmurry) RC
KD022-007 Rathbride Graveyard Rathbride Newbridge (Tully) RC
KD022-011001 Knavinstown Knavinstown Knavinstown RC
KD022-018001- Graveyard Lackagh Church and Graveyard Lackaghmore Lackagh Mixed
KD022-029003 St. Brigid's Cathedral Kildare Kildare (Kildare) C of I
KD022-029061- Graveyard Kildare Graveyard Kildare Kildare RC
KD022-029067 - graveyard Grey Abbey Kildare Kildare and Rathangan (Kildare) RC
KD022-034001 - graveyard Tully Graveyard Tully East Kildare and Rathangan (Tully) RC
KD023-002001 - graveyard Ladytown Graveyard Ladytown Carragh (Ladytown) RC
KD023-003001 Pollardstown Pollardstown Newbridge (Pollardstown) RC
KD023-008001 Morristownbiller Morristownbiller Newbridge (Morristownbiller) C of I
KD023-011001 Oldconnell Oldconnell Newbridge (Oldconnell) RC
KD023-016001 - graveyard Great Connell Abbey Greatconnell Newbridge (Greatconnell) RC
KD023-018001 Herbertstown Herbertstown Newbridge (Greatconnell) RC
KD023-029001 Kineigh Blackrath and Athgarvan Newbridge (Greatconnell) RC
KD024-003004 Killashee Killashee (Killashee ED) Naas (Killashee) C of I
KD024-013001 Killsaintlucan Blackhall (Newtown Ed) Rathmore RC
KD024-020001 Commons Commons (Newtown Ed.) Tipperkevin RC
KD024-022 Stephenstown North Stephenstown North Newbridge (Killashee) RC
KD025-009 Kilmalum Kilmalum Tipperkevin RC
KD026-005 - children's burial ground St John's Kill Kill Monasterevin RC
KD026-006- Burial Ground Lughil Graveyard Lughil Ballybrackan Mixed
KD026-010001 - graveyard Ballybracken Graveyard Fasagh Monasterevin RC
KD027-002- Graveyard Oghil Graveyard Oghil Monasterevin Mixed
KD027-012001- Graveyard Duneany Graveyard Duneany Duneany RC
KD027-017001 - graveyard Kildangan Kildangan Monasterevin Mixed
KD027-023001- Graveyard Harristown Cemetery Harristown Lower Harristown Mixed
KD027-027001- Graveyard Nurney Old Cemetery Nurney Nurney RC
KD028-022002- Graveyard Castlemartin Graveyard Castlemartin Kilcullen RC
KD028-032001- Graveyard St. Paul's Ballysax Great Ballysax C of I
KD028-040001 - graveyard Kilcullen New Abbey Cemetery Nicholastown Kilcullen Mixed
KD028-042001 - graveyard Churchland East Churchland East RC
KD028-049011 - graveyard National Monument-Ref. 71 Oldkilcullen Graveyard Oldkilcullen Kilcullen RC
KD028-053002 - graveyard Moortown Moortown Kilcullen (Tully) RC
KD028-057 - graveyard Gormanstown Gormanstown Kilcullen RC
KD029-003001 - graveyard St Sylvester's Church Brannockstown Kilcullen RC
KD029-005004 - graveyard Coghlanstown West Coghlanstown West RC
KD029-011004 - graveyard St John' s Church Ballymore Eustace C of I
KD029-013001 - graveyard Gaganstown Church Gaganstown Ballymore Eustace (Jago) RC
KD029-016001- Graveyard Gilltown Graveyard Gilltown Gilltown Mixed
KD029-022001 - graveyard Ballybought Church Ballybought RC
KD030-003001 Cloney Cloney Kilberry RC
KD030-006001 Kilberry Cemetery/St. Bairy's Church Kilberry Kilberry RC
KD031-014001- Graveyard Fontstown Cemetery Fontstown Lower Narraghmore RC
KD031-020002 Killart Church Oldcourt (Bert ED) Kilbert RC
KD031-027 St Ita's Kilmead Kilmead Narraghmore RC
KD032-002 - burial ground Tippeenan Lower Tippeenan Lower RC
KD032-005001 - graveyard Davidstown Davidstown RC
KD032-013001 - graveyard Castlefarm Graveyard Castlefarm Suncroft RC
KD032-021001 - graveyard Brewel West Brewel West RC
KD032-030002 Cross Stone Field Lipstown Lower Davidstown RC
KD032-031001 Kyle Graveyard Blackrath Narraghmore RC
KD032-037004 Glassely Glassely Narraghmore RC
KD032-041001 Church of the Holy Saviour Narraghmore Demense Narraghmore C of I
KD032-044 Killeencormack Colbinstown Davidstown RC
KD034-003 Moatstown Moatstown Churchtown RC
KD034-005001 Churchtown Church Raheenadeeragh Churchtown RC
KD035-003003 Toberara Graveyard Tyrrellstown Kilberry RC
KD035-012004 Ardscull Graveyard Ardscull Moone RC
KD035-013 Ardscull Ardscull Moone RC
KD035-018 Geraldine Cemetery Geraldine Kilberry RC
KD035-022015 St. Michael's Athy Athy Mixed
KD035-029002 Whitechurch Turnerstown Moone RC
KD035-030001 Burtown Big Burial Ground Burtown Big Moone RC
KD035-032005 Ardreigh Ardree Ardree RC
KD035-036001 - graveyard Nicholastown Cemetery Nicholastown (Grangemellon ED) Athy RC
KD035-038 Nicholastown Nicholastown (Grangemellon ED) Tankardstown RC
KD036-005 Moyle Abbey Moyleabbey Narraghmore RC
KD036-020 Quaker Graveyard Ballitore Timolin Quaker
KD036-025007 St. Mullin's Timolin Timolin RC
KD036-028001 Timolin Timolin Timolin RC
KD036-031010 Moone Abbey Moone Moone RC
KD036-040-Burial Ground Ballitore Burial Ground Ballitore Timolin RC
KD037-012001- Graveyard Rosetown Burying Place Rosetown Tankardstown Mixed
KD037-017006 - graveyard Kilkea Demesne Kilkea Demesne Castledermot Mixed
KD037-037003 - children's burial ground Kilkea Church Kilkea Upper Castledermot (Kilkea) RC
KD038-001001 Belan Belan Belan RC
KD038-006001 Killelan Church Killelan Killelan RC
KD038-048001 Corballis Church Corballis Kineagh RC
KD039-006001 - graveyard Castleroe Rath Dunmanoge Castledermot (Dunmanoge) RC
KD039-014001---- Graveyard Ballaghmoon graveyard Ballaghmoon Ballaghmoon Mixed
KD040-002031 - graveyard The site is a National Monument (Ref. 471) St James', Castledermot Castledermot Castledermot C of I
KD040-010001 - burial ground Knockpatrick Hill Cemetery Knockpatrick Knockpatrick RC
KD040-018001 - graveyard Prumpelstown Lower Prumpelstown Lower Castledermot RC
KD040-032 - graveyard Raheenagoorlock Ballyhade Castledermot RC
No St. Peters Church and Graveyard Donadea Demesne Donadea C of I
No Monasterevin Cemetery Mooreabbey Demesne Monasterevin RC
No Kilkea Kilkea Castledermot C of I
No Church of the Assumption, Castledermot Castledermot Castledermot RC
No Nurney Cemetery Nurney Nurney RC
No Church of St Laurence O' Toole Maganey Upper Dunmanoge RC
No Dunmurraghill Dunmurraghill Dunmurraghill RC
No St Mary's Cemetery Woodstock North Athy RC
No Clongowes Wood College Burial Ground Castlebrown or Clongowes Mainham RC
No St John The Evangelist Monasterevin Monasterevin C of I
No Passlands Passlands Monasterevin RC
No Ballyfarsoon Ballyfarsoon Monasterevin RC
No St Brigid's Cemetery /Newabbey Nicholastown Kilcullen RC
No St Joseph's Cemetery Gormanstown Kilcullen RC
No St Joseph's Cemetery Boycetown Kilcock RC
No St Patrick's Cemetery Boycetown Kilcock C of I
No St Coca's Church Dolanstown Kilcock RC
No St Mary's Church Mariavilla Maynooth RC
No St. Patrick's College Burial Ground Collegeland Laraghbryan RC
No St Wolstan's Christchurch Castletown Celbridge C of I
No Celbridge Poor Law Union Burial Ground Celbridge Celbridge RC
No Newtown Cemetery, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Newtown Kilcock RC
No Kilshanroe, Holy Family Kilshanroe Carbury and Dunforth (Dunflerth) RC
No Broadford Church Garrisker Balyna (Balynadrumny) RC
No Carbury Church Carbury Carbury C of I
No Derrinturn Holy Trinity Church Ballyshannon Carbury & Dunforth (Ardkill) RC
No Quaker Cemetery Rathangan Newtown Rathangan Quaker
No Coltstown Cemetery Townparks Castledermot RC
No Staplestown Cemetery Staplestown Ballynafagh RC
No Confey (Lexlip) Cemetery Confey Confey RC
No Nurney Parish Church Nurney Demesne Nurney C of I
No St. John's Church Fontstown Fontstown Lower Fontstown C of I
No Straffan Church of Ireland Straffan Straffan C of I
No Timahoe Quaker Burial Ground Hodgestown Robertstown (Timahoe) Quaker
No Carragh Cemetery Carragh Carragh RC
No St. Corban's Cemetery Naas East Naas RC
No St. David's Naas East Naas C of I
No St. Peter's Stephenstown North Newbridge (Killashee) RC
No Curragh Military Cemetery Curragh (Ballysax East ED) Curragh Camp (Ballysax) Mixed
No Greatconnell Church Greatconnell Newbridge (Greatconnell) RC
No Kilmeage Kilmeage Kildare (Kilmeage) C of I
No Allen Cemetery Russeltown (Connell BY) Allen and Milltown (Rathernan) RC
No St. Brigid's Milltown (Connell BY) Allen and Milltown (Feighcullen) RC
No St. Conleth's Cemetery Crockanure Glebe Kildare and Rathangan (Kildare) RC
No Kilberry Kilberry Athy Union of Parishes C of I
No Church of the Blessed Trinity Moone Moone RC
No S.S. Mary and Laurence Crookstown Upper Narraghmore RC
No Rathangan Old Graveyard Rathangan Rathangan C of I
No Brannockstown Brannockstown Brannockstown Baptist
No St Patrick's Carnalway Union of Parishes of Newbridge C of I
No Holy Cross Cemetery Newtown Suncroft RC
No Suncroft Graveyard Common South Suncroft RC
No St Brigid's Church Carna Suncroft RC
No Eadestown Cemetery Wolfstown Naas RC
No Church of the Immaculate Conception, Eadestown Rathmore Naas RC
No St Mary's Cemetery Longstone Ballymore Eustace RC
No St Mary's Church Ballymore Eustace Ballymore Eustace RC
No St John's Yellowbogcommon Union of Parishes of Newbridge C of I
No St John's Graveyard Athy C of I
No Presentation Sisters Convent Cemetery Maynooth Maynooth RC
No Newbridge Cemetery Walshestown Newbridge RC
No Prosperous (Killybegs) Cemetery Killybegs Roberstown RC
No St. Michael & All Angels Church Millicent Demesne C of I
No St Michael's Convent of Mercy Athy Athy RC
No St Micheal's New Cemetery Athy Athy RC



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